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Ricoh Priport Dx 3343 Duplicator

Ricoh Priport DX 3343 Duplicator

Ricoh Americas Corporation, a provider of digital office equipment and document management solutions and services, announced the availability of the Priport DX 3343 digital duplicator, manufactured for high-speed and low-cost printing. The device incorporates a new print controller with network connectivity and is designed to meet the duplicating needs of customers in the educational, church and government agency markets.

The Priport DX 3343 outputs prints at 130 pages per minute for as little as one-third of a cent per print. The company said versatility is a hallmark of the system as it can print on a wide variety of paper media, including construction paper and heavy card stock. Additionally, the large 11" x 17" scanning area is suitable for scanning text books and incorporates an Auto Center/Edge Erase function to eliminate binding margins for better readability.

For production environments often operate in a standalone setting, the Priport DX 3343's V-20 controller is the standard choice for local printing. But for customers whose departments are spread over larger areas, the new Type 4545A embedded controller is now available for connecting the Priport DX 3343 to a shared network. With the Type 4545A controller, the Priport DX 3343 becomes fully network compatible and allows customers to take advantage of additional Ricoh software, such as @Remote which users can add to remotely facilitate the management of their fleet of networked multifunction products and printers.

Ricoh Priport Dx 3343 Duplicator

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