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HP Z6100 60" DesignJet Plotter

The HP DesignJet Z6100 Printer is a 60 inch large-format printer using thermal Inkjet technology. From photos to posters, maps to fine art, the HP 60-inch Plotter features exceptional print speeds with excellent image quality and durability. The HP Z6100 Wide-format printer has an embedded spectrophotometer and HP Vivera inks, to achieve accurate and consistent color every time you print. Improve your printing workflow with HP’s embedded web server, and monitor your costs with built in accounting tools that enable you to track ink and media usage, reducing your printing costs.


Main Features


  • Print more in less time,exceptionally fast printer that easily handles peak workloads
  • High volume, unattended printing, even overnight, is possible with jumbo HP media rolls and HP reliability.
  • Achieve exceptional color and fade-resistance with HP Vivera pigment inks.
  • HP Vivera inks last indoors for 1+ years unlaminated; 3+ years laminated; 200+ years no direct sun.
  • HP’s innovative printhead design, with small drop sizes, enables high-quality, high-speed printing.



  • Achieve consistent, accurate colors time and time again regardless of fluctuating environmental conditions.
  • Easily add new media types-the creation of ICC profiles is automatic and simple.
  • HP's Color Center tool guides you through color management and printing processes for optimal results.



  • Accounting tools track ink and usage and help you monitor your costs on a print by print basis.
  • Supported formats include TIFF, JPEG, HP-GL/2, PDF 1.5, AdobePostScript 3, and others.
  • Save time with the driverless multi-file printing workflow that is operating system independent.
  • Store submitted jobs permanently on the 40GB hard disk for added security and convenience

HP Z6100 60" DesignJet Plotter

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