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Machine for Export
Ricoh Copiers for Export Only

Lamah Multivision are exporters of used and refurbished copiers, shipping them to Asia, Africa and The Middle East.

Lamah Multivision will provide all decking materials and labor to build a secure frame inside a 20 ft. or 40 ft. container for a Flat Rate of $1,200 so your copy machines will be double stacked and secure for vessel shipment. The copiers will be loaded on every container with care to ensure all copiers arrive to their destination without sustaining any damage.

We are offering $750.00 for each Ricoh Copier. 


Here are the TOP 5 reasons to order your next container of used copiers from Lamah Multivision LLC

  • Our wide format engineering copiers and digital office copiers meet industry standards of powering up and passing copy.

  • We keep informed on market prices and offer you industry competitive offers on printers and shipping

  • Our customer service representatives speak English, French, Arabic, Hindu.

  • We ship anywhere around the world.

  • We’re positioned to handle large quantity orders.

Contact us

+1 (612) 501-5624 |

WHATSAPP: +1 (612) 501-5624

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