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Toshiba E-Studio 4555C A3 Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Toshiba eStudio 4555C


There’s more to Toshiba color than ever before.
Now you can copy, print, scan and fax with an MFP that’s smaller, quieter, sleeker, and faster than ever. The new Toshiba eStudio 4555C series from Toshiba is designed to replace black and white printing with affordable full color, while still offering high quality black and white.


Color options to match your needs.
For all those times you want to print in color but settle for black and white, there’s the Toshiba eStudio 4555C series. It’s designed to make color more efficient and accessible. Whether you want to spruce up a presentation with color produced at a remarkable 45/50 pages per minute or print crisp, clear black and white, you’ll be impressed with all that the Toshiba eStudio 4555C series has to offer. Unique features like the e-BRIDGE Universal Print Driver, the only driver needed for multiple users, allowing you to switch between PS and PCL. It includes plug-ins so you can add features.


More compact with more impact.
Even though it’s chock-full of extraordinary features, the Toshiba eStudio 4555C series has one of the smallest footprints of any MFP in its class. So, it can be used wherever space is limited. It’s lighter, too, which makes it easier to ship and move around the office. Even the noise level has been reduced, with a quieter drive motor, fan motor and clutch. And none of these efficiencies affect the output. In fact, image quality is incredible, thanks to a new low temperature color toner that increases the color gamut.


A new standard has officially been set.
Multiple functions, innumerable benefits and millions of colors have never been more accessible. The Toshiba eStudio 4555C series is easily integrated, customization and solutions ready, with an open platform. You’ll also appreciate cloud and mobile printing and scanning along with a host of other benefits.

  • Easy integration
  • Open platform
  • Cloud, internet, and mobile printing/scanning
  • Universal print driver
  • Impressive image quality
  • AquaAce specialty paper support
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low power consumption
  • Improved serviceability
  • High security


Your data has never been more secure.
Toshiba knows that security is a high priority for businesses today. That’s why we’ve put leading innovation to work and developed security measures that are unsurpassed.


Wipe Technology – it’s like the data was never there.
It makes perfect sense. The best way to keep your data secure is to use a method no one else has replicated. That’s just what we’ve done at Toshiba with our proprietary Wipe Technology. The Toshiba eStudio 4555C series offers Toshiba’s proprietary Self-Encrypting Drive equipped with our Wipe Technology as well as a suite of impressive security functions to keep data protected. If the HDD is taken from the MFP and installed into another device, all of the data is automatically erased. However, if it’s taken out and then returned to the same MFP, the data is not erased and can be accessed immediately as needed. There is also an encryption key that’s securely stored on the HDD.

Toshiba E-Studio 4555C A3 Color Laser Multifunction Printer

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