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4 Ways to Get Your Printer or Copier Fixed - Which is Right for You?

You work at a company that has office equipment, and that office equipment breaks down from time to time. Annoying as it is, it will happen. If you think about it, most printers and copiers do a lot of work between break downs, sometimes thousands or hundreds of thousands of jobs between breaks, most employees can’t hold that kind of record without a mistake, so they're not really THAT bad. There are four ways to go about fixing your printer or copier when it breaks down. You can either:

  1. Fix it internally using IT resources. I tend to advise not to take this route because of the cost it can have on your company.

  2. Throw out the device and buy a new one. This really only makes sense if the printer was one of those $200 ones you bought from Staples or if the repairs outweigh the cost of the device.

  3. You can find a company to do repairs on a break/fix model. This works well for low volume devices or small businesses.

  4. You can work with a managed provider and get a maintenance contract that supports your devices.

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